Category: GIFs

What’s cool about these GIFs is that they are porn scenes cut down to less than one second of animation and it’s played on a loop. When you cut out a snippet that’s hot as hell and repeat it over and over again. You’d be amazed at how aroused you can get from being on xLewd. A doggy style pounding scene on a loop seems like the babe is getting fucked for eternity with the same intensity. Pure awesomeness! A cum shot animation, where the dude ejaculates on big bouncy boobs is as cool as it sounds. A sex animation picture, where she is getting smacked with a whip where you can see the slo-mo jiggle of that thickness is something that you’d naturally like to see over and over again. GIFs give us that chance to indulge in our perversion, fully! There are plenty of GIF delights to be seen in this section. Awesome hot animation pics or even a regular porn picture. They are carefully edited so that you get an infinite loop of actual thrashing, sucking and stroking moments that are hot as fuck. Scenes that you’d never pay attention to when played normally but with these moving pictures, you get an animated picture, a animated selfie photo that has life to it and excitement levels that are blasting through the roof.